I know it’s supposed to be an E

I am always so flustered when I get my eyes examined. I am pretty bad sighted. I hate the question “what can you make out on this line”. And I usually see something that looks like a cross between smudges and a Rorschach test.

And then, when they do the magic and turn the lenses I finally get to see sort of what I was missing. I appreciate so much the help I get from contacts and glasses.

My point? People who have perfect vision take it for granted. The spiritual parallel? We often forget that so many people know very little about Christ. And we often take our relationship with Christ for granted, perhaps even too casual. What a magnificent joy it is to have Christ as our friend and companion and Savior. We can see it. But we take it for granted. And we forget that not everyone can see what we see. And so when they can’t figure out life and why it doesn’t look like what they thought it would be, we have to help them to see clearly what they were not seeing before.

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