Blog Diminishing

I have noticed a bit less blog posting in general lately. I think people are twittering more and are abandoning some writing in order to Twitter. Is that good or bad?

I think it might be good if you are following someone. I think it might be bad if you aren’t. And, since Twitter limits to so many characters, the content that would normally be out there is diminishing.

Maybe we need less writing and more collaboration and interaction. I don’t know. But I have simply noticed a change.

2 Responses to Blog Diminishing

  1. Chad Wright says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on Twitter about how it’s impacting their blogging.

    I see the two as being entirely different. It hasn’t really impacted my blogging at all. Twitter is great for quick thoughts, but sometimes it take a few sentences to really make a good point.

  2. I agree with Chad; I think Twitter and blogging are different, but then again, I blog for business, not personal, reasons. My tweets are mostly personal, so they don’t interfere with my blogging. I’d hate to see good blogging diminish in favor of tweets. Tweets are okay, but they’re not very “meaty.”

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