I did indeed get Ubuntu up and rocking on one of our laptops at home. If you aren’t geeky at all, bypass ubuntu. You have to be able to read and do a bit of research on stuff. For instance, itunes requires windows or mac. So you have to load a program called Wine that emulates windows. And it takes a bit of patience and trial and error to get some things running. I was able to get audacity running. But it took a bit of reading.

Seriously, though, I love ubuntu for what it is and the nature of trying to build a free environment.

I looked for a virus protection program for ubuntu. Turns out because its Linux based, no such program is needed. I guess all the hackers go after windows and mac predominantly.

I am amazed how quick the printer installed. I plugged in an HP deskjet, the squirrels in the software ran around for about 10 seconds and fetched the driver and popped it right in. One button and done.

I think there are other things I will like and dislike, but so far so good. I will say that there are error messages that pop up on some installs. But they seem to go away on reboot. I didn’t think itunes was installed because it stopped about 3/4 through the installation. I rebooted and then simply clicked the itunes icon and it ran. I am waiting to grab my sons ipod and see if it cranks up. But so far, I love it.

No registration codes. No nothing. Beautiful.

2 Responses to Ubuntu

  1. Chad Wright says:

    I could be entirely wrong (I’m geeky, but not that geeky), but I think the Mac OS is based on Unix which is a type of Linux. Hence the better security.

  2. mackintosh says:

    Mackintosh says : I absolutely agree with this !

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