Sunday Wrap

There are a bunch of earthquakes and tornados and floods and a massive amount of natural events that are seemingly increasing. It sounds to me like what Jesus said would happen just before He comes back.
Today I preached way too long. 45 minutes. Worship was shorter. I needed to adjust to a different time line. But I didn’t. I killed our kids ministry because they are prepared for about 35 minutes of ministry after worship. I need to remember our workers are giving it all they got and not to stretch them too much.
Selling stuff on craigslist is pretty easy. My wife has been unloading stuff lately. Today on the hit list is my old Canon Eos Rebel and my King Cobra clubs. She is a mini tycoon on this site.
I feel like God is really challenging us. And I will be communicating that this week in a communication only for our church via mail.
Saw the second Narnia movie today. Pretty good. I think I want to go see Indiana Jones tonight.
I think I found a guy in our church that would love to take over some of our tech responsibilities. I am going to talk to him next week about it. If so, this guy is geeky like me but smarter. Won’t take much. I made a reference in service today about Linux, Ubuntu, and some other geek stuff. He was the only one that looked at me with a “I know what you are talking about” look.
I think I need to ramp it up in some different ways in the next few weeks. I simply feel like I need to get to another notch on some things. I will hopefully get an E for effort.

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