It’s Not That

My recent decision to switch to Mac has really not a lot to do with Mac. It has more to do with Windows. I really am a huge fan of Microsoft products. I grew up with them. I remember fighting tooth and nail to convert a company to Word over WordPerfect because of the momentum Microsoft would carry in the market place. And it was a great decision. I remember doing the same thing with Excel over Quatro Pro and Lotus.

But honestly, there is some kind of sucking sound coming from Washington and it is originating in the Microsoft building.

Vista, which I unfortunately am running, is seriously a piece of junk. I recently was forced to install the latest service pack because of countless errors. Then, last night, I had to install it again. Really? Again? Like I hadn’t installed it before?

And so it’s not that Mac is wonderful. It just looks like a better choice. But it doesn’t make me happy. The price is way too high. The software options are not that huge. And I hate the smugness that seems to posses Mac users once they open their first box. Because of the cost, it will be a while before I can make the switch. I know you mac geeks are waiting to respond to this one. Fire away. Don’t let that smugness go to waste.

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