If a tree falls…

We had a massive tree branch simply snap off yesterday. It is going to cost us around $450 to have it all cleaned up. I don’t enjoy spending money on things that bring very little value. Sure it’s necessary. But not all that thrilling.

As I was talking to the tree guy, I again was reminded at how fragile everything is. I heard the story of Stephen Curtis Chapman losing his daughter in an auto accident. The lives of so many in China and other parts of the world dealing with floods and earthquakes and tornados. Fragile. I think some times we hold too loosely the value of life. I know I do. But even if we hold on tight to our friends and family, they sooner or later will make their exit. Just as soon as that tree is cut up and loaded and taken off, I won’t be thinking too much about it. I won’t sit on my deck and reminisce about the branch. And when I am gone, it won’t be long before I too am forgotten.

So what’s with all the mellow yellow? I simply think I need to celebrate more. I need to cherish the moment. I need to be sure that some of the things I do further someone else along. My kids deserve from me a legacy. My church. My friends. It’s a tough thing to not always think about myself. But when I die, it will certainly be too late to celebrate one more person, to give, to laugh.

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