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So I used a couple of services, one was Loudtwitter and one was Twitter feed. Loudtwitter basically takes you tweets and sends them to the blog. Twitter feed takes your blog and posts them to twitter.

What happens, then, apparently replicates itself into a never ending cycle. So I stopped one. But I don’t know if it was the right one or wrong one. But it’s done for now. We will see if it was the right choice.

2 Responses to twitter twitter

  1. sean808080 says:

    see you fixed your url. sharp site here! i’m sure you’ll get some results for your church through this medium. cheers!

  2. Sean
    Thanks. I appreciate your comment. I must say though, I didnt join seesmic to find new folks. It really is more like making sure I stay connected with people outside the church to avoid being miopic.

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