It does matter

I really think we go through life with out considering if what we do really matters. Not the big stuff so much. Sometimes it’s the small stuff. The devil really can be in the details. We can look at a picture but if there is a scratch on it, our focus can be interrupted. We can go to a concert and if someone misses one note at the most obvious time, we can get a little distracted. It can happen anywhere, with anyone, with anything.

Ministry and leadership seems to revolve around handling a lot of little details. When I walk in to our building, I am constantly looking around for things out of place or trash that needs picking up or things out of align. When I look at our ministry areas, I am asking the question, “what would a first time guest or second timer think”? When I think back on our service I always reflect on how worship went or the announcements or the message. I think about the before service stuff and the atmosphere in the post service. I think about the smell of the place and the temperature. Most people will think few thoughts about all this but get one or two things messed up and it can jade an experience. I think about what the kids or teens tell their parents after they have been in their ministry areas. I think about the parking lot.

You might think that if it’s all about this stuff then we are discounting Jesus and what He can do. I think that we have to declutter what might trip up the mind so a person can be free to experience Jesus. If a person gets hung up on something, they might not really experience the whole reason we are there. So it really does matter. The conversations matter. The things we do to help others. The extra phone calls. The time of preparation for ministry. Prayer. Thinking things through. It all matters when it comes down to preparing an environment for people to be impacted by Christ. It all matters.

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