Putting off

I think perhaps my leadership tendency is to take the wheat and tares approach to leadership. Remember the story? Someone said that there were weeds growing into the corn. They were put there by an enemy. Jesus said let them grow together and at harvest time they will be separated out. I think this is not always the best approach to leadership.

I find that some times I really do need to go ahead and dig out some things. I shouldn’t always be so patient and gracious. I shouldn’t always be understanding. I shouldn’t always tolerate stuff and allow things to take their course.

Growing in ministry, I can look at three distinct senior pastors in my life. The first was almost non-communicative. Little feedback. Little input. Little correction. And it inevitably went south due to a lack of relationship and mentoring. The second senior pastor was pretty relational. I never knew completely what he wanted. But I did have a general idea of his heart. And we talked allot and shared ideas allot and we laughed allot. The third senior pastor was more or less a guy who only told me when things were bad. If nothing was going on, then there wasn’t much of a relationship. Very cold. Very sterile. And definitely not mentoring.

And so now, after staggering through those three models, I find myself having to evaluate our team and make decisions and determine the best course of action, all the while wondering how my leadership style might be deficient. But right now, at this moment, I sense that if we don’t make some changes, and we don’t strike the ground solidly with the stake of our vision, we might have more weeds growing than wheat. So I think my putting some things off may not be good. And that might be with our leaders, with our church, with our kids, with me, or whatever.

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