Sunday round up

Yesterday, we were able to do some more work towards getting our building further along. Seems like there is so much to do. And that’s not counting all the new stuff I want to work on.

Today was a good Sunday. Ephesians series is still kicking along and everyone keeps commenting on how God has been speaking to them through these series of messages. Amazing how Paul was in prison writing to so many churches and encouraging them when he could have just had a pity party and blew everyone off.

We are determining that the summer is not a time to chill out and coast. We are going to continue to reach out and go for our goals and vision.

Being a new church, there are so many things that feel like they weigh a ton. Finances. Faithfulness. Position gaps. New vision. Leadership. So much to think on.

Wednesday night is staff meeting. It’s going to be one of clarity I think. As the staff goes, so goes the church. It all rises and falls with leadership. So many old sayings about leadership. All sooooo true.

USA is playing Argentina in EURO 2008 soccer. It’s on at 7:30 pm. If you don’t get soccer on your cable, go to and watch it online for free.

Marriage series is coming up. If you want to get in on our informal survey, click here. It’s anonymous. And it will help shape our marriage series.

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