Randalls love

I was shopping in Randalls the other day. I needed a jug of root beer and a red onion for my brisket “mop”. Mop is the sauce you keep slopping on while the brisket is preparing itself on the smoker to enter into my mouth. I digress.

I am checking out. Swipe my card. Punch in my pin number. An alarm goes off. Oh great. My card is bad. I am overdrawn. I don’t know what’s going on. The checker tells me I am a winner. “Really?” Yep. I was a winner. This particular Randal’s just got a major facelift and overhaul. And they were giving away stuff all day. What did I win? An ipod shuffle. You know, the kind you clip on to your sleeve. Wow. That was cool. It was the second time in a week I won something.

A few days before, we were at the Round Rock Express baseball game. They called out our row and seat number. We won a blockbuster goody pack with videos, shirt, toys, and some other junk. Wow. That was cool.

I am trying to think about what to do with this ipod. Give me some ideas. I don’t need it. My kids don’t need it. My wife doesn’t need it. It’s an inferior product compared to the gear our family is packing.

By the way, the Brisket was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And that’s the most important part of this story. Hickory smoked goodness.

3 Responses to Randalls love

  1. Buddy Ryan says:

    Sell it very cheaply to some yankee from
    Cincinnati. He might be trying to come into a new era.

  2. Load up your favorite top ten sermons and some music from your church and give it away in a drawing at your next event.

  3. Lisa. Great idea. But in order for someone to accept it, I probably shouldnt load it up with my sermons :}

    To update, Buddy, the first poster, is pretty much not tech savvy. So when he asked for the ipod, I thought I would be doing him a big favor giving him the ipod. So I called him, met him at Sonic and gave it to him. I couldn’t charge him for it. I won it for free. So freely I gave. I hope he likes it. I hope he can figure it out. But you have my brain thinking Lisa. As always.

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