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I wrote a while ago that I thought Twitter would cause blogging to diminish. And some seemed to think I was probably a bit misguided. Now I am reading more and more people have traded in their blogs for Twitter.

It’s a shame really. What has happened in some degree is that people have traded in telling us about their life story, their experiences, and what God is really doing in their lives for simply telling us what they are doing at that moment. It’s not everyone. But it is certainly affecting the sheer volume of posts.

I kind of slacked on my blogging because I was busy with other stuff like and twittering. But I missed blogging. I missed it because it helped me put a bookmark on my life’s timeline, pause, reflect, and write about whatever was happening in my life and what God was showing/teaching/leading/rebuking/blessing me with. I am rediscovering the joy of blogging again. And it’s really not so much for you three or four readers. It’s for me. It’s my way of talking out loud. People who are not verbal processors always get weirded out around verbal processors. My blog never seems to get weirded out. That’s a great thing.

2 Responses to Twitter Blogging

  1. Twitter replacing blogs would be a tragedy. Blogs make conversations possible; at least that’s how I feel about my blog and my readers. Twitter seems to foster one-sided, almost self-centered chatter. I only follow a couple of people, but those few seem to rarely respond to others. It’s like talking just to hear yourself talk. ..

  2. Lisa. I hear you. But I am seeing this play out. I track around 25 blogs. And the amount of frequency has dropped. The content has gotten a bit shorter in most cases. I am not saying the blog is played out. But if people are going to make a choice, some of them are going to Twitter rather than blogging.

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