All you need is

Love. Been using 1 Cor 13 for my devotions and breaking it down one verse at a time. I really need to read this once a month or more. I wish you could go to the doctor and get a shot of love like a B12 shot. It does take purposefully committing to loving people each day. And it’s not that I hate people. But there is a lot of real estate between hating people and loving people. And bridging that cap usually involves sacrifice, commitment, energy, time, and/or resources. It takes a lot to love people. But it’s so worth it.

I have noticed since I have been diving in to this chapter in depth that I am thinking about people a little differently. People I meet on the street. People I run into. People who annoy me. People who I love but need to love more. Love is God working and living and blessing and caring through me. That’s my prayer for today.

3 Responses to All you need is

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  2. bob says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I think I need to spend some time soaking in that chapter… My wife meditates on it like you do and it shows!!

  3. Bob. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I have to meditate on it a lot because I need it alot. I wish I loved more. I am getting there. Thanks again for dropping by!!!

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