Summer Initiatives

I have posted here that our focus for the summer is growth. Crazy I know. But we only have one life to give right. So here are some of the things we are doing that will help us open up our doors more.

POKER NIGHT – We will be doing a Texas Holdem tournament. Not for money. But we will have food and all that. We will have a first and second prize. Should be fun. We did this once more with lots of success.

OUTDOOR MOVIE DRIVE IN – We will be throwing a video projection onto the side of our building and grilling and homemade icecream. It will be a kid friendly movie. This always works great with the kids. People bring their lawn chairs. We fire up the popcorn machine.

OUTDOOR COFFEE HOUSE CONCERT – We are next door to a Jungle Juice. We will partner with them to open the place up for a concert night and beverages. Should be lot’s of fun.

HIGH FIVE – We passed out cards to all our people. And we asked them to write down the name of five people they want to see get plugged back into church and to Christ. And we are asking them to pray for these individuals for one month. And, if they get the opportunity, they can invite them to one of our events.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL MARRIAGE – We are presenting a summer marriage series that is based on some of the shows on the Discovery Channel. This series is going to be a ton of fun!

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