Obama raised $21 million dollars in May. Even in an economic slump, people will give to what they believe in. Even in an economic slump, we still have more disposable income than we think.

Tomatoes are still a problem. Last year it was lettuce. This year it’s tomatoes. Is eating salad really good for you? I believe organic farmers are going to continue to get a boost. And local produce growers are also going to experience a boom.

My son and I, along with Dave, went to eat wings last night. That was some good eating. I love the atmosphere in a wings place. It’s just down and dirty. Napkins everywhere. Finger licking goodness. TV’s with all kinds of sports playing. And wedge fries. Would love to go back today. When I think of men’s ministry, that’s exactly what comes to mind. I don’t know why, but men like to be men. And a wings place capitalizes on that feeling.

My replacement monitor came in yesterday. I reconfigured my economy sized work space at home. It seems to be a bit better organized. The monitor they sent me is a bit different than the one I had. Not worse. Just different. I actually like the stand better. Just a bit odd that it’s different.

Marriage series is coming up. Here is a sneak peak at our first blush on our graphic for it. Not great. Not bad.


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