How hard is it to be a cheerleader? Well, I think it’s pretty challenging really. I am not talking about sports. I am talking about cheering on others. So here are a few thoughts.

You actually have to be around people. You can’t sneak in late and leave early for events. You can’t just run in the same old circles. You have to be where people are.

You have to think about someone else other than yourself. You can’t just keep your focus on your world. You have to look around at what everyone else is doing. And when something neat happens, you have to cheer.

You have to know people in order to know what to cheer them on about. Big victories to one person might be a small one to us. But it still requires a cheer. Knowing others helps you know when to cheer.

You have to be purposeful about it. You have to be on a continual watch to look for cheer opportunities.

You have to learn how to cheer on things that are happening without you.


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