A buy named James

Tonight, I spent two hours with James. He is helping me get our video up and rolling on www.ustream.tv for our Sunday morning services. He is a geek at heart. Fun to hang out with. And really eager to do anything. But that wasn’t James at first.

James showed up at Legacy a few months ago. Pretty skeptical. I am sure he wasn’t sure if he would like the church, the people, me or anything else. And that is normal for anyone. But James felt right at home. He started getting to know people. He started to feel at home. And the next thing you know, James pretty much has taken ownership of the Legacy vision.

His story amazes me. James wasn’t messed up or a drug addict or anything else that I could tell. He was just one of many people who are looking for a church home. And now he found it. And what does he do? He figures out his strength. Listened for an opportunity to use it. And jumped in.

I couldn’t be more impressed and excited about James, his story, and Jesus. I want more stories like that. Because a live touched by Jesus is an impressive life. Way to go James.

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