It’s simply not enough

My effort is just not enough. My hard work is not enough. My prayer is not enough. My self will is not enough. My looks, brains, cash, or charm are not enough.

No matter what, without God’s power and resources at work, nothing I have in and of itself will ever be enough. But with God’s power and resources, I can do all things that He asks me to do.

I find I look at what is happening around me and think that I just need to plan more, work more, organize more, think more, pray more, rally more. And there are times when that is needed. But really, I have to have an unbending, unending, unrelenting belief that I must have God at work with me to get done what He has asked me to do. I can’t afford to forget that or I will be pretty lonely doing my thing without Him!

2 Responses to It’s simply not enough

  1. So… I really needed to read that today. Thanks!

    PS: Was it Max Lucado who wrote the book “It’s Not about Me”??

  2. Brian. You are welcome. Looks like Vegas trip is not this week but the next. I will email you shortly. Thanks for the comment and the book recommendation. I think you are right. And if you are, I will put that book on my list.

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