Saturday night thinking

I have been working more at home lately. That means I am in the office more with my wife. That has been nice. Not always, but most of the time. She is fun to be around. I think I like her. I am thinking of asking her out. I hope she says yes.

Church is tomorrow. And I always wonder just how many people will show up, what God will do in their lives, and what new and interesting people I will get to meet for the first time. It’s always a new day every Sunday.

Krispy Kreme, rolling off the racks, is still hands down best donut in the Universe. Yes. I said Universe!

Preaching a series on relationships this month. It should be kind of crazy. We are introducing interactivity tomorrow via text messaging. That could be amazing or it could really stink. We shall see.

Signed up for Netflix today as a trial. I wanted the online move option. So far, I haven’t seen too many shows worth watching. We did watch the Office season three. Very funny.

I need to catch up on comments to the blog. Poor neglected blog.

One Response to Saturday night thinking

  1. Have you watched Arrested Development? You can get the whole series on Netflix. We got our neighbor hooked on it and she went out and bought the DVDs. Then she got her boyfriend hooked on it, too. I consider it my mission to bring Arrested Development to the masses.

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