Step Outside

So today, I had to be in court as a character witness. Chad (his version here and our comments there with me. Besides us two in the court, there was the judge, the court reporter, a HUGE bailiff, and about five other people. We rise. The judge comes in. We sit. Mr. Huge walks up to Chad and I and asks us to step outside and tuck in our shirts.

The only two pastors in the whole building probably and we have to tuck in our shirts. We had on jeans. Decent shoes. Jeans. And we had on our normal Sunday church service kind of long sleeve button up pressed shirts on.

I don’t know but somehow I just didn’t feel all that pastoral after the whole tucking the shirt in thing. What a funny experience in the midst of a very serious experience. Wonder what tomorrow holds.

One Response to Step Outside

  1. You *are* kind of a shady character. . .

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