I am learning something from Apple today. Of course the new iphone is out. And there are problems everywhere. Not enough phones. Servers are buggy and a lot of people can’t get activated. To me, and this is just me, it’s a bit of a fiasco. And you know what – the hard core Mac geeks don’t care that much. Why? Because they are in a hazy love hate relationship woth Apple.

What I am learning is that if the experience is solid and the gear is top notch, people will jump through flaming hoops to get it.

From a church point of view, if our service and our people and our experience aren’t quality, people won’t endure whatever obstacles we have in our building, parking, child care, sound, etc.

One Response to apple

  1. Chad Wright says:

    I’m actually working on a post about this. It boils down to problems on Apple’s end that almost crippled my entire day…..but all was forgiven as soon as it was cleared up because the update was so incredibly cool.

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