ATM Machine Best Payout

In Vegas, it is amazing to me how much money goes into the hole – the bill receiver on slot machines, the cash hole on the tables after buying chips, and all the other high cost expenses at Vegas. It has dawned on me after watching all this, the only guaranteed bet with the best payout is the ATM machine. That is, unless you have no money in the bank.

As a side note, it’s amazing what the human mind can dream and the hands of man can build. And all this is done for the sake of money. Imagine what we could do if we all collectively joined our minds for something great and amazing like eliminating poverty in one particular region or bringing clean water to a place that doesnt have it or ending human trafficking. Babylon has proven that man has always had the capacity for huge things. The tragedy is when man uses this capacity on his own selfish motives. I need to do some changes myself.

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