Leading leaders

I find that one of the toughest things I have ever done is lead leaders. It wasn’t so hard when I was a youth pastor. The youth ministry leaders were all focused on one thing – youth. But as the senior leader, there are so many agendas represented and some that need to be but aren’t. Every day, I wrestle with how to lead leaders better, cultivate leaders, and in general, try not to mess things up.

When I was a youth pastor, I thought I knew everything. Now that I am leading pastors, I have to continually evaluate what I really do know. Amazing and taxing all at the same time. I wish I was more like Jesus. I see His leadership in the Gospels and marvel at how He made perfect decisions every time. I want to be like that. But I am not. But I want to! The most important thing I can remember as a leader of leaders is that my decisions MUST reflect what Jesus would do in my place if He were here. He has delegated authority to me over our church. So, I need to represent Him, not replace Him. Sounds easy. Preaches by the mile, lives by the inch.

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