One of the challenges as the senior leader on any team is convincing that team that you are committed to them no matter what. They know you will celebrate them or at the very least acknowledge them when something goes right. Trust is revealed when something goes wrong or something bad happens or there is simply a failure or disconnect of some kind.

After a couple of years with our team, I think everyone thoroughly gets it that I am committed to them no matter what. And that even in the midst of setbacks or failures or shortfalls, I am there for them and that we will have a failure friendly environment. And I hope they view me in the same way.

You may say why does that matter? Risk is a dangerous thing. But risk has to be taken to win and to advance. And with every risk there is failure. You take a risk when you let someone be an usher or a teacher or work in the sound booth. But if the person taking that risk understands that no matter how bad things get you are committed to them, they will step out more and find new ideas and new solutions. And the failures won’t sting as much as the strides that person makes. And so with our staff, I have to constantly communicate that failure isn’t a great thing but it is understood it might happen. But taking risks and failing is a lot better than being safe and taking no risks. That is true in most things. Maybe not so much with handling explosives or driving at 200 mph. But in a church setting, Jesus let His disciples take risks. And at Legacy, I think it’s ok to let our people take risks.

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