So today I am beginning a period of fasting. I am initiating a period for fasting and prayer at our church. Fasting is an unusual thing and highly misunderstood by so many people. At any rate…

So today I decided to fast breakfast. I sometimes to or don’t eat breakfast. But I determined this breakfast, I would only have water til lunch. And then my wife informs me that she is making waffles for breakfast and would I like some. I have been craving waffles lately, as in the last few days. Saying no to those waffles was the hardest thing I have done in the last few days. The smell. Remembering the taste of butter and syrup filling in all the squares of those yummy hot waffles. But no. Today I determined to fast. I cannot say I spiritually enjoyed not eating waffles today. But at least I held to the fast for this meal.

note to self – get waffles soon!

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