I get a call today from my brother who got a call from my other brother. There is a chance I have an older sister. My mom may have had a child around 17 and gave her up for adoption. Mom passed away 20 years ago. So it is difficult to confirm. And my other brother will probably read it here first. I am afraid one day I am going to be watching tv, flip through channels and see a relative or two on Springer or Montel. Craaaaaaaazy stuff.

3 Responses to Bombshell

  1. sean808080 says:

    Wow. That is a bombshell. When I read the beginning of the post, I was expecting to read about an illness or something similar. I guess this kind of bombshell, though upsetting, is better than that, isn’t it?

    I’m sure it’ll work itself out and your sister will turn out to be an integral part of the family and a respected member of the community. That of course would mean you don’t get to go on Jerry Springer. Sorry!

  2. When I was sixteen, I gained a cousin who was a couple of years older than I was. It turned out that one of my aunts had given up a baby for adoption many years earlier. We all met her, and she instantly became part of the family, and my aunt and uncle became friends with her parents as well.

    The crazy thing was how much she was (and is) like my aunt and uncle! Not just in looks, but in mannerisms and speech, even though she had been raised by completely different parents.

    I hope everything goes well with your new discovery, Tony!

  3. Sean and Lisa – I really don’t think I will actually meet “sis”. This was a discussion had by my brother and my cousin at an event. And it was something I guess that just recently came to light. Adoptions in the 50’s and 60’s were done very confidentially. So who knows. But I really doubt I will meet here. But if I do, you know I will blog about it.

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