Mow it anyway

My son has a small lawn mowing business. He started it a couple years ago. He just turned sixteen. Two years in business and he has made around $4,000. I make him put 50% in the bank for college and car. He tithes 10%. So that leaves him with 40%. He charges a mere $20 per yard which includes mowing, weed eating, and blowing off the walks.

So one of his customers says not to mow because they can’t afford it this time around. So I encourage/tell/implore him to mow it anyway for free. You know the response to that was something along the lines of “I need cash/it’s hot outside/you mow it for free/are you insane.” I talked to him a bit more and he did mow it for free. And of course, the customer emailed him back and gave him a big thanks.

The lesson was that if it is always about the money, then the relationships built are strictly on a thin line. No money, no relationships. It’s too bad he doesnt live in that neighborhood. He could clean up. But now that he is doing those kinds of things, people will talk about that. And if they need someone to mow their yard, who are they going to call? Right. My son.

The point here is that church can’t be about money. It can’t matter how much someone gives. The person that gives $1,000 a month should be treated as wonderfully and amazingly as the person that gives nothing. Sure there is the whole problem with a consumeristic approach to Church. But that’s not the point. I Corinthians chapter 13 does not mention anything about us loving others with regard to financial remuneration. You may always get stuck with the bill. You may always have to drive. You may be the one on the giving end of the relationship. But it’s what we do. We are givers. We have to be the people that pour ourselves out for the sake of others. It’s the Jesus model of life.

One Response to Mow it anyway

  1. Cam Beck says:

    What a great lesson!

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