What a day

So today. I had to go down south Austin for a meeting. I got lost. I saw a very friendly police man on the side of the road. I knew he was friendly because he rolled won his window. And when I told him where I wanted to go, he simply said “go south two miles.” I appreciate the friendliness, I really do. After pulling away from smiley, I noticed the car was pulling to the right. Now there wasn’t a pizza place or a Starbucks on the right. It just pulled. Turns out I had a flat. So I pulled into a parking lot. I found a really hot spot to change it. I know it was a hot spot based on how much sweat I was able to extract out of my body. After a ten minute tire change I was finally back on the road. I was about 45 minutes late for the meeting. The guy I was meeting already ate. Didn’t feel like waiting on me. So I skipped lunch. He ordered a coconut cream pie which I of course got one for myself. After the meeting, I headed out in search of a tire repair place. But I determined to go ahead and replace the front two tires on my trusty steed. No luck. The place I found was booked up til 3:00. If you are in south Austin and need to get to north of Austin after 4:00, you would be better of just simply getting a hotel and riding it out. Traffic can be murder. So, I determined just to limp along on the spare tire back up to Cedar Park. I did that. With little incident other than the really happy drivers that were behind me as I was hitting top speeds of 55. I know they were happy because they kept giving me the “you’re number one” sign. Those little bicycle tires for spares are so amazing. They certainly can cause you to pray more than normal on a freeway situation. At any rate, I finally made it to NTB where I am now typing up this blog post. It doesn’t have anything to do with church or much of anything. Just thought I would write this out while I patiently wait for new horseshoes for my pony.

Got the car back. The guys at NTB said it was low on oil. So I took it over to a place close by to get an oil change. They won’t do it. Why? Because the last place I took it may have cross threaded the oil pan valve. They advised I needed to go to the last place that did the work. I really have not much else to do today so I proceeded. Nice. So I headed over to Jiffy Lube which was the last place I got the oil done.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same Jiffy Lube. It’s one that is four miles away. And since it’s in a different district, I have to go back to the EXACT same Jiffy Lube or at least one in that district. So that’s for tomorrow. I have had too much today of the car problems. Really. Too much. You might say I have run out of gas for today.

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