I have had an incredibly full schedule lately. I have met with so many people, spun so many projects, and still kept my day job. Long long hours, intense planning and preparation, coupled with the need to make sure I am around for the family have piled on. Which gets me to the point – for whatever reason, I have been sleepy all the time. Last night, I went to bed at 11:30. I got up at 8:30. That’s 9 hours of sleep. That’s a lot. I think I need to moderate my schedule more and try and get on a proper all around routine. I don’t feel burned out. But I definitely think I need to watch out for fatigue.

One Response to Tired

  1. Chad Wright says:

    It’s not just sleep. If you’re going 90 miles per hour every second you’re awake, it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get. I think this is why I’m always tired.

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