the last 24 hours

I am kind of exhausted. I worked my hind end off. Well not all of it. But I did work hard. Kandy and I went for fajitas. Kids were gone. Nice time just hanging with my honey. Then I worked some more on Sunday stuff. We watched a couple of episodes of Monk/Psyche. Then I went back to work. I needed to do a video, edit it, then burn four DVD’s. I was up til 1:00 am. Got up this morning around 7:30. Helped a girl move. Done with that at 11:00am. Went to the church cuz Mark needed some chairs and tables. Got home around 11:30am. Headed out the door at 11:45am to head down to St. Stephens. Tyler had an indoor Soccer event that lasted from 1:00 to 2:00. Headed home. Drove through Taco Bell. Food shot out of a calk gun can’t be good for you. Got home around 3:00. Check emails. Took an hour nap. Got up, did some more stuff for Sunday. Here I am blogging. About to head out to a birthday party. When I am done with that, will head up to church to prepare the place, pick up the donuts and back home.

It feels crazy just typing it out.

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