New People

Each week at church, we see new people. I feel kind of bad for them. Going to a new church is really awkward. They don’t know what to expect. They hope that they don’t feel like they want to leave after ten minutes into the service. They don’t know anyone. They may or may not know the music. And they just hope no one makes them stand up, sing a solo, or explain their views on theology. The first day can be tough.

One of my biggest challenges is to help them feel at ease. I know that people will think “Oh, he’s the pastor. It’s his job to make everyone feel welcome.” But I don’t see at as my job. I genuinely love people and want them to have the best experience they can. But even more than that, I want them to hear from God. I want them to hear from God even if God is saying that our church is not a fit for them. I really do want every person that comes through our doors to stay at Legacy and make it their home church. But I really just want them to know where God is directing them. And I hope one of the things I do well is help them feel comfortable to enjoy being with us and to know I am praying for them as they make their decisions.

As your church gets bigger, it will be harder for me to get to every single first time guest. But hopefully we can keep that same mentality throughout our church. That mentality must always be that we love people and we pray God directs them wherever they are supposed to go!!!

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