Hanging it all out there

Today, I kind of hung a lot of stuff out there. I think preaching can either be a really raw experience or a canned polished presentation. I think having preached for a lot of years, the polish has come in speaking, but I have worked really hard at staying very raw and transparent.

Today, I was pretty wide open. I hit issues. I spoke my mind. But I hope in the process I pointed to places people could move towards and tried to get them to move beyond their bad memories and limitations.

Hanging it out there is tough. It’s a bit real. It’s a bit raw. And in today’s message, it was more about making a decision not to simply mess around and clock in and out of church. Rather, it was a fairly clear call to live with a dedicated and committed heart for Christ.

Today’s message was one of those that makes me think afterwards “I wonder what people thought, felt, heard, or walked away with.”

2 Responses to Hanging it all out there

  1. Chad Wright says:

    This is what I like about preaching through the books of the bible. Series-style preaching is great and addresses issues people have in life. I like mixing up series with preaching straight through a book because that usually gets at heart issues. It seems to go a little deeper and challenge more.

  2. People aren’t real often enough, Tony. Keep it up!

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