I am now in desperate need to get my margins under control. I have been working way too late for the last several days in a row. The demands of work have pushed themselves outside of normal boundaries. And so I need to figure a way to right size that.

In addition, I need to get back to a place where I have more time for prayer. It is, after all, that one thing that makes everything else go better. It’s kind of a catch 22. If I stay up late, getting up early is difficult. So margins.

I think I have probably been putting in about 13 to 14 hour days. That simply is not good for anyone.

I also desperately need to redo my office. It’s just not functional. I am crammed in this tiny corner and it’s starting to make me twitchy. I have seriously thought of a lot of other options, but unfortunately I need my printer. I am tethered to it for most of the work I do.

I must stay focused on God. He knows what’s up. And He isn’t shocked by any of this.

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