The Come Back To Church

We all want to make a great first impression. But one of the values I have at Legacy is to try and make sure when people leave, that it’s ok. And if people don’t stay with us right away that it’s ok. God is bigger than our church.

But one thing I want is for people to be ok with coming back to our church. I hope our people are just an absorbant bunch and that we receive and re-receive people well. If life really is a journey, then we have to be ok going part of the way together, maybe separating for part, and the coming back together again. This has got to be a high value for us!

I remember at the first church I went to when I got saved, the pastor used to always say that if we left we would miss the next move of God. Looking back, I realize that God’s “next move” won’t be solely captured by our church. I just want to be ready to receive those that want to make our church their next move.

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