National Night Out

We pulled off another. We grilled in our driveway and 7 out of 10 neighbors came. It was a nice evening of just sitting down and talking and hearing old stories. No pressure. No hidden agendas. Just people hanging out and having fun and eating. And as usual, we got a friendly visit from the Cedar Park police department. They always make the rounds to say high. I keep forgetting the guys name that visits us. I think it’s Furch. I really like him alot. Cedar Park has some great police men and women. They arent great when they are writing tickets. But other than that, top notch.

It’s always interesting to find out peoples stories. Great fun. I kind of wish this happened more than once a year.

Kandy – Thanks for helping get this thing organized. I believe people like my wife help reveal why church people make great hosts.

3 Responses to National Night Out

  1. Jennet Sullivan says:

    His name if Futch, and yes, he’s a great guy. Actually retired and working as a reserve unit, so he participates in a lot of the extra stuff we do. They are all pretty awesome people… and from someone who sees them at their worst and least patient that’s saying something 😉

  2. We did have a pretty good time. So where did you end up?

  3. Jennet Sullivan says:

    I was at the Brushy Creek subdivision block party with my Sargent. We got to see the helicopter land, and WOW I thought he was going to kill everyone on board, the guy drives it like he would drive a car… talkin on the cell phone and looking the opposite direction that he’s driving in. But it looked exciting. The kids really liked seeing it. The highlight of my evening was talking with this lady who used to dispatch… my chief walked up and the lady told him I was tryin to recruit her to work for the city 😀 😀 😀 😀 Wasn’t exactly what I had been doing, but it sure looked good to him!!

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