At the end of a long day

Tonight, I am sitting here blogging. And I am realizing just how really exhausted I am. And it feels pretty unhealthy. Pretty disastrous.

Tomorrow, I am going to rise early since I am headed to bed after I write this. Early for me tomorrow will be around 7:00. And I want to simply get a good jump on the day. I want to do my devotional as normal. But I want to spend a bit extra in prayer. I really need a spiritual refreshing.

Then, I am going to go to Whataburger and get a number 11. It’s been a month since I had that. Then, I am going to come back to the home office, shut the doors, and try and focus on getting some projects moved off my desk.

At lunch, as far as I have planned now, I want to reconnect in prayer and have another time of Bible reading.

I think the more exhausted I feel, the more I need to tap into God and let Him have more control of my schedule. So we shall see.

Now, it’s off to bed.

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