I find that it is a lot easier for God to change someone than I am. And I find that if someone has determined to follow God, and they hold the Bible as the ultimate authority, their reading the Bible for themselves is a lot more powerful than me dictating to them what the Bible says.

As Christians, we seem pretty determined to force change on culture. And there are times when assertive action is required. But honestly one of the things God has been working into me lately is that I must simply love people no matter where they are in their life. And, as I share God’s word with them and as they read God’s word for themselves, change comes about supernaturally rather than adaptively. I don’t want someone to adapt to a way of life simply because I told them to. Rather, I want the supernatural power of God to change someone because it is lasting and more vibrant. That’s my prayer lately. God help me to love those you are changing!

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