Catching Up

Haven’t blogged in a couple of days so maybe it’s time to catch up. It’s a long one.

ONE THING – This Wednesday, we are having a prayer gathering. We have been fasting and collecting prayer requests. Wednesday night, we will put up on screen each prayer request for one minute and all of us collectively will pray about the request. I really believe God is wanting us to unify our prayer and believe for each other.

RAIN – It’s raining. What’s amazing about that is I can’t remember when it rained last.

BACK ACHE – My back seems to be in a mess. I think it might be my office chair and the way I am sitting. Can’t be good. Need to make some changes soon.

YOUNG COUPLES – Seems God is continually adding young couples. I really enjoy the energy young married couples bring. It’s fun watching them figure out their marriages and learn how to parent and navigate through life. It’s a great opportunity to come along side them and pray with them, encourage them, and enjoy the funny things their kids do!

PEAR SHAPE – I really need to do something about my physical out of shapeness. Why is it so difficult? I want to wake up motivated. I think I need Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club to come hang out. All I need to do now is become a former celebrity to get his attention.

OLYMPICS – What is amazing to me is just how fast China could clean up their country and their air problem. But as soon as the Olympics are over, all that smog will come rolling back in. And those people have to live in those conditions. We are truly spoiled in this country. TRULY.

ELECTIONS – Can this whole process get any more pathetic. Seriously. These people are running for the most coveted seat in the world. This position is prominent and powerful. Yet I honestly am not enthused at all about either of these guys. And Hillary’s crew says that if the Edwards affair had come out earlier during the primaries, she would have won the nomination. Maybe. But this is all so annoying. I really wish we had two stellar candidates running for election. You can disagree. I just find that the brightest minds in our country typically either do not run for office or are not electable. Further, why is it we have people in congress who can’t get serious issues worked on. Oh never mind. I will just talk with God about it.

BRISKET – I made an amazing brisket Saturday. What is it about that whole process that makes eating so much fun. Next time I smoke a brisket, I am also throwing on ribs, chickens and anything else I can find.

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