Everyone has an agenda

No matter who you talk to, everyone has an agenda. As the senior leader, it’s important to realize that no one’s agenda is any more or less important, whether hidden or obvious. And, in reality, no agenda rises above God’s. And as the senior leader, I am amazed at how often I have to fight for and defend our vision. Often times, it is among our own leaders that the most discussions occur.

Everyone Jesus encountered seemed to have some agenda. They all wanted something. And so often, what they wanted would have ended up destroying them in one way or another. Jesus seemed to always give what was needed, not what was requested.

I remember serving under senior pastors. And there were so many times I would go to them with ideas or possibilities or causes. And I often couldn’t understand why they would say no or wait or “are you out of your cotton picking mind.” Now I understand. Now I see a much more focused picture of the view from the top. It’s not for the weak or timid.

And there are so many ways people respond when their agenda is presented. If you think this is directed at you, it’s not. It’s an observation of a few years in ministry. I have both lived some of these and watched and dealt with some of these. If it’s you, then it is. But I don’t have any names I am associating with these categories.

I will take my toys and go home. These are the individuals who are passionate about their agenda so much so that if it is not embraced and adopted, they will go home.

I am getting a transfer. These are the individuals who will go somewhere else until they find someone who will adopt their agenda and feel like they are now valued. These individuals are not always wrong but they are not always right either. Sometimes the transfer is to a place that creates a situation that is worse than not embracing the agenda.

Talking amongst themselves. These are the individuals who now talk behind the scenes about how their agenda is really important and they can’t believe the leadership isn’t behind it and is trying to rally a sympathetic crew.

Fermentation. These are the individuals who have presented the agenda but the agenda is not adopted. And they trust that for whatever reason, it’s just not the right time or place. And they simply keep it alive inside them and keep praying about it and keep watching God to see if He will make a way for it. And when it is time to happen, then it is a beautiful fragrance, bouquet.

Gravel butt. These are the individuals who only want their agenda accomplished. If it’s not, they will stay in place but they won’t be contributors. They may not grumble, but if their agenda is not embraced, they don’t want to help out in any other way.

Double jointed. These are the individuals that will be involved with two or more churches. These are the ones that will get done their agenda no matter what. And if they have to work with several organizations, so be it. But then there is the divided effort, divided vision, divided heart. Yes we are all in the same Body of Christ. But I truly believe God wants people to be in their church, serving, supporting and giving of their time to their local church. Sometimes, there is a good reason why something is lacking in a church.

I am kind of thinking out loud with this post. So it’s not something that I think is absolute or complete or maybe even highly accurate. Just a few thoughts on agendas. Tell me how I missed it!

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