Saturday Night

It’s Saturday night. This is usually a chill out night for our family. I don’t like to go out much or entertain. Sunday morning is really challenging work. Overseeing any organization is tough. But a church has unusual demands, mostly because almost the entire community is made up of volunteers. And preparing an organization to focus on the vision and scope of why we exist week in and week out requires important focus. It’s crazy tough like trying to nail jello to the tree.

At any rate, preaching is exhausting. For 40 minutes or so each week, I stand before a group of people who have pretty high expectations. I read a statistic today that 90% of people looking for a new church base their decision to attend a church on the pastor or speaker. That’s a huge responsibility. Then, couple that with authenticity, transparency, and clarity, and you have a pretty important role.

So Saturday nights I try to relax and just hang out. And I do it because I feel pretty responsible for the Sunday morning role. It’s just not a good thing to get crazy on Saturday nights and then Sunday morning have nothing left to give to the most amazing people in my life.

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