It is pretty easy to do mediocre church. Just throw a bit of effort at it, pay little attention to detail, and just hope that it flies. Unremarkable. The problem is, the church is the one institution on earth that Jesus takes person ownership of. And when it’s unremarkable, it’s a negative for Jesus.

Tomorrow night, we have staff meeting. And here are two questions I am going to ask:

1. What makes your ministry or area of responsibility remarkable?
2. What makes your ministry or area of responsibility unremarkable?

I think our church has been tolerating some unremarkable efforts. And I really believe we need to strive for the area of remarkable. And if it requires sweeping changes, so be it.

I think churches and restaurants and businesses lose people not because they shouldn’t get the business or the dedication or devotion. I believe people don’t stick because they simply don’t find the experience remarkable. I don’t think if you have 10 areas, all 10 have to be remarkable at the same time. But I do think 8 out of 10 should be.

So we are pushing for the remarkable. Beginning with the end in mind. Excellence. Empowerment. Should be an interesting meeting.

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