Great News For Degree Seekers

I got this in my in box today. Apparently university degrees are getting easier to attain. Simple. Easy. Why did I waste eight years on two degrees. Man I could just kick myself. I called the number and sure enough, just like they said, all I had to do was leave my name and number. The greeting was simply “Please leave your name and number at the tone. When you are finished, press pound or hang up”. That was all. I wonder if this is a scam…:)


We provide a concept that will allow anyone with sufficient work experience to obtain a fully verifiable University Degree.
Bachelors, Masters or even a Doctorate.

For US: 1.781.634.7970
Outside US: +1.781.634.7970
“Just leave your NAME & PHONE NO. (with CountryCode)” in the voicemail.
Our staff will get back to you in next few days!

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