Need some adultery ideas?

Seems MSNBC found that it might be helpful to give you some tips on where to have an affair on your spouse.

Personally, I find it so repulsive to promote both the idea of an affair or that they are giving suggestions on where to have them. Reading the article, you will find the entire piece is written so as to help you avoid getting caught and the best places that help with that process.

It’s disgusting. Marriage is still sacred. And to openly flaunt this type of information angers me. Sheesh.

2 Responses to Need some adultery ideas?

  1. Tony, if it’s any comfort, the story has a “1” out of 5 rating after 107 votes, and all the comments are negative. Lots of support for marriage and fidelity from the readers, and this author obviously is way out of touch with real people.

  2. It is a comfort. It’s just one more way that the news is skewed on what it reports vs what people think. Thanks for your comment as always!!!

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