Operation Get’er Done

We are starting a chip in program that runs for a few weeks. We need to raise some funds to get some projects completed and out of the way. We are heading into the fall and want to go into it with a completed building and up to speed financially. We have a lot planned for the fall and want to fully focus on God’s plans for our church, our people, and our community. You don’t have to give if you want. But if you do, every little bit helps. If you can do a lot, then do a lot. If you can’t, then do a little. Either way, thanks for considering it.

Click here for the chip in link

Finish out trim              $   500
Youth/children’s areas  $1,500
Carpet                           $1,000
South booth                  $   500
Projector                       $   800
Misc AV gear                $ 2,000
Misc                             $ 1,000
Debt                             $ 2,700

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