Election hoo hah

For the record, I am not allowed to endorse a candidate in my official capacity as a pastor. So I will bypass that whole process.

But here is my on feeling on where we are as a country in a small way in light of the political process. I am really so very weary of hearing politicians spend so much time tearing each other down more than they point where they are headed and how they plan to fix things. What’s more, presidents will tell you they don’t get much done overall. Presidents do a whole lot less than congress. For us to pretend that these politicians are going to get all these major things done is like thinking a pee wee football quarterback is gonna launch a 90 yard pass. Sounds good, but not really, well, real.

So what do I want in a president? Someone who will simply lead our country forward in effecting change towards resolving about 20 of our top twenty biggest problems as a nation. I want a president who will go out of his way to pull the parties together and expose anyone who will not strive for unity. I want a president who has an amazing marriage and his kids love him. I want a president who is a straight shooter. I want a president who understands that all the problems are not completely the fault of our current president. If that were the case, why do we have congress? I want a president who surround himself with the brightest thinkers in the country to plan for the next 20 years instead of just the next three before the next election. I want a president who believes in the Bible when no one is looking and no one is asking. I want a president who doesn’t take himself too seriously and has people around him that won’t let him. I want a president with tenure and experience and heritage. I don’t want a president who tears down others to achieve his own advancing position.

I am not in love with any of the two candidates or their sidekicks. In fact, I kind of wish we could just scratch all of these and start over. Maybe we could just do an American President Idol and solve it that way. Just a thought.

One Response to Election hoo hah

  1. David says:

    I agree whole-heartedly. That person served between 1981 and 1989. May he rest in peace.

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