IRS Stimulous Check Chasers

I can’t tell you how many inquiries I got simply because I posted a friendly link to help people find out information about their stimulous check. So here is some FAQ’s to help

1. I have not gotten my stimulous check? When do you think I will get it?

I have no clue. But if you didn’t get it by now, there’s a good chance someone at the IRS took it and is buying a bunch of lottery tickets.

2. The last two digits of my Social Security number are ##, my last name is _____________ and I live at ______________. Can you check on my payment?

Honestly, based on how freely you give out your information, someone probably stole your check and is probably identity thefting you right now. Stop giving out your details on line.

3. My husband got his check but I didn’t get mine yet. Can you tell me why?

Yes. Your husband signed your name on your check and has gone out and bought some new stuff for his car/boat/grill/ or got a new widescreen.  Didn’t you wonder where the money came from to buy that stuff?

4. I didn’t get enough in my check. Shouldn’t I have gotten more?

You worked pretty hard last year. But not hard enough. Sorry. But the check was based on effort, not on kids or marital status or income level. They called your employer and your employer said you didn’t deserve the full amount. Sorry about that.

5. I moved. Will my check be forwarded to my new address?

It all depends on how much the post office thinks you need the money. If they think you need it, it will be forwarded. If they don’t think you need it, it will be given to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The post office basically looks at your incoming mail. If most of it is bills, you will get your check.

OK. Seriously. I know some of you are looking for your checks and all that. But I have no clue at all about where your check is, why you didn’t get it, how much you should gotten, or any of that. Contact the IRS.

6 Responses to IRS Stimulous Check Chasers

  1. Tony, I’ve said it before: you should be a stand up comedian. Or a sit-down one on a web cam. Whatever.

  2. US News says:

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  4. Police State says:

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  5. 9/11 Truth says:

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  6. 9/11 says:

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