One of the most amazing stories of leadership to me is when Jethro talks to Moses about the dynamics of micromanaging and how it can really cause problems for everyone.

First, it’s important to realize Jethro did a few things that we can all learn as we mentor leaders:

     He observed Moses in operation first and just looked over everything.  

     He asked Moses questions about why he was doing things the way he was doing them. He sought to get understanding about the thinking behind Moses operation.

     He gave Moses some suggestions about how to change what he was doing and how to improve the processes in place.

Second, Moses could have ignored Jethro. But he didn’t. Instead, he listened and measured the counsel and put it in place.

Third, the message was about teams and how teams lift the entire organization and frees the leader to move in the gift of leadership rather than just the process of administration. And that is where I am today. I am in the process of initiating more teams to lift our organization. So much so in fact, that I am determined to put a team in place to handle many of the ministry duties of our organization. I think I have carried way too much of the load at Legacy. It’s not that our leadership team hasnt done anything or that people haven’t helped get things done. Rather I think that when teams are in place, more ideas, more energy, and more momentum can be developed. And teams don’t have to wait on me. So that’s where we are now. That’s where I am now. And I think as we push more teams forward, we will see Legacy lift a bit more and gain some more altitude.

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