Leadership is tough. It is demanding. And it requires a mentality of life long learning. And contrary to popular belief, everyone has the capacity for leadership. Anytime I hear someone say they are not a leader, I wonder why they think that. Leadership has different responsibilities, levels of followers, and varying depths of weighty decisions. But everyone can lead.

What I find most annoying is excuses on why leaders won’t be leaders or why people won’t take a shot at leading. I find even in myself I hate it when I fail at some aspect of leadership. And why is it annoying and why do I hate it. Because I think God has designed us to lead and He knows our capacity and knows our potential.

When I say everyone can lead, I mean it. Everyone can take initiative and do something that needs to be done that no one else is doing. Everyone can lead his or her family. Everyone can lead the way in setting standards of excellence at work, at home, in the community. Everyone can lead in sharing or serving. Everyone can.

Not everyone has a following or has that certain aura. But everyone has the ability to accept the level of leadership God has placed on their lives and walk in it and do it with amazing confidence.

This Sunday, we are beginning a series called “On Demand Leadership” and we are talking about being instantly available to God as a leader. I believe it’s a message our whole church needs to hear and it’s a message I need to preach and live.

Here is my question for you today – Are you being the kind of leader right now that God has asked, equipped and empowered you to be right this moment?

One Response to Leadership

  1. partialobserverguy says:

    Interesting. My thoughts on leadership come from a business perspective, but I most definitely agree that anyone can be a leader. Where that potential comes from, I don’t know, but everyone has it. Good post.


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