Normal Saturdays

Normal Saturdays are anything but. I am usually spending most of the day preparing for church, the message, the people, the printing, and so much other stuff. I inevitably have to cram so much into the day before church. And it’s pretty much because I work full time in addition to pastoring. Not complaining. Just printing the facts.

I take what I do pretty seriously. I don’t think most people show up on Sunday morning and walk out excited if the whole experience was mediocre. I realize it smacks of catering to people who are consumer oriented. Not so. People at Legacy have come to expect a few things. I know because they tell me.

They expect me to be humorous but right on the money delivering a word that challenges them to be more like Christ and encourages them that they can indeed achieve discipleship.

They expect the worship team to be prepared and polished and to lead them to that moment where they know they have engaged God and God engaged them.

They expect their kids to be taught God’s word, to have a good time, and to genuinely enjoy the experience.

They expect the facilities to look like the people of God operate them.

And that is why my Saturdays simply can’t be normal for a while. And I don’t mind. It’s for God and His Kingdom and His people.

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