This week is going to be heavy. So much going on. I feel like any issue I could have to deal with is in line to be dealt with. Work stuff. Church stuff. Finances. Crazy.

I find my life a continual parallel with what I am preaching. Today, I preached about leadership and how God uses adversity to pull leadership out of people. I don’t relish that at all. Adversity is rough. This week, I will have to lead in some areas that I would rather not. I find that God is asking me to be exactly what I preached about today as found in David’s life when his town of Ziklag was plundered.

Clarity    It is so important to pursue God to get clarity in the midst of fuzzy situations

Bravery    Bravery is required to do what needs to be done even if it is not a fun task

Service    I need to serve in whatever situation I find I can

Vision   Decisions must be made in order to accommodate the vision of God.

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